There is a video of a Dad on FB, beating his 12 yr old allegedly promiscuous dau…

There is a video of a Dad on FB, beating his 12 yr old allegedly promiscuous daughter. He grabbed her hair to throw her across the room, asked her if she was f***ing now & if she still wants some D? I’ve never had a beating. Is this the norm?


July 24, 2019

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  1. That type of beating would normally come from the mother, as the father wouldn’t be around to begin with.

  2. My father never hit me. I have never seen this type of behavior. That’s torture. Period.

  3. There is a video circulating of a female saying her daughters are dirty, their bedrooms were filthy, she used foul language about them and at them, and felt they were disrespectful for twerking and sticking their tongues out on a video (Instagram? Snapchat? FB?). The mother, herself, looked like no lady either. These parents are out of control.

  4. I don’t know, but that sounds disgusting

  5. Growing up I only got a few spankings with a belt it didn’t last long maybe 1 minute if that my Dad spanked me my mom said she couldn’t do it . Anything more than that to me is abusive !!!!!!!

  6. According to the comments i read (i could not stomach watching the video)…the father’s actions were acceptable and actually endorsed by most of the brown/black community

  7. No. It is not the norm. That was disgusting.

  8. It’s been the normal. Caribbean folks usually do this..

  9. No that’s not normal or acceptable at all. He needs counseling.

  10. Beating to that magnitude were very normal at home.

  11. Yes ma’am it’s a kind of cognitive dissonance where some men treat women like something to try and discard but when that man has a daughter there is some sort of disconnect.

  12. I remember getting the worst ass whooping (belt) of my child hood on my 12th birthday for not cleaning up the house. Not only did I woke up to my mom beating the crap out of me, I still had to clean up. After washing the dishes and taking out the garage, my mom and her friends song happy birthday to me.

  13. Yes its a video i didn’t watch bc i got whipped that way but he went very over

  14. Yes that’s a beating…a whooping isn’t as harsh. Been there b4. Smdh

  15. Parents beating the children like cattle . Yes ma’am .

  16. I have a weird feeling that he rapes her & is secretly mad she slept with (was raped by) someone else. She’ll probably commit suicide soon & hopefully she will take her father & the other person with her. I feel that way only because if I was to have sex my father would assume I was coerced or rape (even now as an adult) & go after the man who did it never me.

  17. Been programmed since slavery. I can’t stand when people think that you have to beat children to get them to grow up with order and respect. They are too stupid to realize that all you need to do is TREAT THEM WITH ORDER AND RESPECT.

  18. No, this is not the norm. I am glad that video did not come across my timeline.

  19. That video made ME think about suicide. Of course that girl is on the brink, if not dead already inside and just waiting to rot from the outside.

  20. In low-income subsidized HUD-affiliated communities you’ll find this kind of behavior normalized.

  21. It’s not normal, luckily I do not have anyone in my circle who thinks that was okay or even acceptable. I also do not know anyone who grew up that way. If people are normalizing abuse they need to seek help.

  22. I’ve never liked the idea of a father spanking their daughter. If one is needed, let the mom handle that.

  23. I didn’t see the video…and I’m glad I didn’t. But from the way it sounds it honestly seems like he could’ve been molesting that poor girl. Beatings are normal in the black community. Now people are just recording it.

  24. Thank God I was never beat like that and my children have never (and will never) been hit. It is beyond sad and dysfunctional.

  25. The fact that these parents are not only recording these beatings but then SHARING THEM for the world to see is disgusting and very reminiscent of The enemies “Picnics”. Sick.

  26. Why would someone find that appropriate to post on social media. That should be something private smh

  27. My father never needed to hit me. Disappointing him was enough.

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