Dating for Marriage Program

Dating For Marriage Program

Learn how to strategically date for marriage in this dynamic webinar recording taught by Mrs. Ro Elori Cutno. Avoid the many pitfalls of dating, while learning how to become the PRIZE  and marry the  man of your dreams! Learn how to get a proposal in 6 months or less in this one of kind teaching ! This recording, valued at over $500 is available for ONLY $100. Upon purchase the recording information will be emailed to you (WITHIN 24 HOURS) for unlimited listening.

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July 30, 2016

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  1. Hi Ro!! Could you share your thoughts about polygamy/polygny?

    Some have suggested that with the shortage of viable African American fathers/husbands in America, a polygynous relationship would be ideal in resolving several problems. For example, by bringing several mothers under one roof it could (1) pool economic resources to reach a standard of wealth of appropriate to investing, (2) share home schooling and child care responsibilities, ( 3) provide greater supervision and protection of the children and (4) widen the umbrella of emotional support and, sense of nuclear family for the many single ladies and (5) reduce the intense competition among women for men which i have often experienced in my own life.
    These are just a few advantages which could be listed in favor of polygnous relationships in the African What are your thoughts ? Feel free to answer by either youtube or text at your convenience. thanks
    I admire your work.

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