Roots Of Royals presents WIFE SCHOOL Recording, taught by Mrs. Ro Elori Cutno. This course will cover feminine grace, etiquette, wealth building, man charming, feminine & masculine communication, the 100 things a wife needs to do to promote generational greatness, and so much more. This course is for both married and single women.

Course Curriculum

WS4.a – Test continued, husband molding & etiquette 00:27:00
husband molding, questions 31 - 59 & etiquette
WS4.b – Test end, wealth & health 00:23:00
Questions 60 - 100 +health, wealth needs & more !
WS4.c – Cooking & final touches 00:24:00
Cooking, farewells, test instructions & mentorship

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  1. Wife School part 4


    Part 4 of the Wife School series is mind blowing…it is nurturing….and was totally worth the wait. I love this course. I literally had to review the 1st part of the video several times (that is how I process, through repetition). Ro provided so much knowledge and love through her video’s. I am developing my feminine mystic with practice on a daily basis. I am so excited about the next chapter of my life. Thanks Ro for everything and Thank you Monsieur Grangenois for sharing your wife with all of us. ^ ^

  2. lovely!


    Wife School is the best investment I have made thus far. The wisdom included in these courses go into depth about the need of marriage, femininity, and WIFE duties. I have had many a-ha moments through out every course. I appreciate your dedication to sharing such life-changing information!

  3. 5

    i thoroughly enjoyed this portion of Wife School. It was enlightening and fun!

  4. Icing on the cake!


    Part 4 is fantastic as it brings to gather all the final details of Wife School and describes what the distinguished details are between a typical American wife/and a Certified IFG wife. There is no comparison.

  5. Best investment ever


    Everyday I learn and I am practicing, I have invested in many things, but this has been by far the best investment

  6. I'm still trembling


    I wanted to get a perspective from a woman who’s had a long list of successful marriage in her lineage. After a while you’d start to believe that successful marriages are a lucky draw for very few lucky people. It’s amazing how much I’ve been programmed to become masculine enough that I didn’t even recognize it. I’m trembling because this has awakened a side of me that I would have never allowed myself to embrace for the fear of being labeled “soft” which was what I needed to tap into into the first place in order to find peace, tranquility and clarity.

  7. My mind is officially blown!...and that is no easy feat.


    This course was simply superb and I am forever grateful. I initially purchased this course because I knew I was leaning towards wanting marriage and it seemed like a good idea so that I could energetically prepare myself for what I desire. I did NOT expect to gain such an understanding as to WHY I am not married other than “I guess I have not met the right person yet.” NO!!! In addition to that one thing there are at least 20 other bigger issues that are so systematically hidden from me and my two parents who have been married for 44 years themselves!! They and many other black parents, hoping for better circumstances for their children than they had in life, “fell for the okey doke”….but that’s okay because I truly believe that we now have a remedy for the traps and lies that have kept us divided, independent, stripped of our femininity, and without wealth. I was simply seeking information but I ended up getting emotionally and spiritually cleansed during the process as well. Thank you so much to the Grangenois family. This seemingly small thing to some has, I feel, changed the course of my life for the better.