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Roots Of Royals presents WIFE SCHOOL Recording, taught by Mrs. Ro Elori Cutno. This course will cover feminine grace, etiquette, wealth building, man charming, feminine & masculine communication, the 100 things a wife needs to do to promote generational greatness, and so much more. This course is for both married and single women.

Course Curriculum

WS2.a – Start of the certified wife test 00:50:00
WIFE SCHOOL 2.a : Start of the certified wife test
WS2.b – Feminine Polishing 00:54:00
WIFE SCHOOL 2.B : Feminine Polishing

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    1. WS2 Great course

      I really enjoyed learning how to put air back in my voice. It is refreshing to feel feminine again. It’s also a stress reliever to talk in this manner, as I talk I hear the sweetness and it is pleasant to my own ears and spirit. I grew up never hearing any such beauty and softness I often feel deprived. Going thru WS is giving me a chance to regain all that was lost in the second half of my life I love it! Thank you Teacher and participants.

    2. Very good insight. I never realized how much tone of voice and how I communicate with people, men especially, can open doors of opportunity for me. Thank you.

    3. Bridging

      Ro bridges so many gaps in our knowledge. …..this part will open your eyes.

    4. Love the feminine voice tutorial

      I absolutely love the feminine voice tutorial! I find it completely impossible to NOT feel feminine when speaking this way. The voice cue also makes other things follow… I bat my eyes, push my hip out a little, tilt my head to the side, smile and just feel “soft”. I’m going to practice this everywhere, in every situation.

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