Roots Of Royals presents WIFE SCHOOL Recording, taught by Mrs. Ro Elori Cutno. This course will cover feminine grace, etiquette, […]
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Course Curriculum

WS1.a – Introduction 01:24:00
WIFE SCHOOL Part 1_A : introduction
WS1.b – Wife School’s foundation 00:52:00
WIFE SCHOOL 1.b : Wife school's Foundation
WS1.c – Higher Thinking for Higher living 00:55:00
WIFE SCHOOL 1.c : Higher Thinking for Higher living

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  1. Wife School part 1


    I have had to stop and pause a few times during this video. The information provided is life changing. The education and teaching is loving, nurturing, and empowering. Ro’s teachings remind me of the conversations my grandmother and I would have when I was growing up. I don’t wan to spoil anything for anyone reviewing this post, but I will say this. Where ever you are in your personal journey Wife School can accommodate you into reaching your goal. I feel gratitude toward Ro’s husband and her family for allowing her the time to share her knowledge with the world. That is love! Thank you.

  2. Growth


    I love the fact that it is so factual. I come from the Dominican Republic and I am able to see the difference in culture. I was raised in America and I would always struggle with what I knew and what I was surrounded by. It will always make me feel odd. My parents are from the Late 30’s era and they have been married for 51 yrs. I am so happy to see a perfect example of Married couple. I am being and practicing with this reinforcement. Thank you.

  3. Resonates with every fiber of my being!


    After only scratching the surface with part 1 of Wife School, I am a believer! I am looking forward to continuing this lifestyle and journey by continuing to learn and actively practice polishing my femininity. Ro is truly a gifted teacher/mentor and I connected with her teaching and authentic compassion for others immediately. Looking forward to vibrating higher and the benefits that doing so will provide my family.

  4. Exciting!


    Great introduction!!! Can’t wait for part 2… So much valuable information in this! We have been so confused for so long.. Life changing teachings!!

  5. 5

    Full of great gems that will last throughout generations to come!

  6. Wonderful!


    I really enjoyed the content!

  7. Learning


    This course was nothing I expected and the beginning of so much to come. It is very encouraging to learn the Levels of Human Consciousness and the descriptions. The explanations are understandable and clear to see yourself. This is a start to loving your self as one completely.
    I am thankful to have enrolled and now watching and listening.

  8. Thinking Communally


    I really enjoyed this introduction especially the emphasis on community. With more workers in the work force, more people pay taxes and the United States makes more money. With people moving out and trying to sustain themselves independently, more people have to pay rent. There’s less money for future generations and no clear social system for personal growth, but the economy is booming. However the spin you put on it by encouraging communal behavior turns the whole system on its head. Awesome course! Thank you.

  9. I really enjoyed this course


    Hello, I really enjoyed this course,. I learned so much. This knowledge and wisdom is priceless and is a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for enlightening black women 🙂

  10. Why?


    Ro lays out exactly and explicit why wife school. No stone is left unturned.

  11. Wish I found this sooner


    I know this course is just scratching the surface but in this introductory level course my eyes have been opened to so much I have made mistakes on in my relationships with many of the men in my life buy not knowing my role and how they operate. This course has given me hope that I can correct my way of standing in my power as a feminine woman and using that to help my future husband create wealth for our family. I look forward to receiving my book when it gets here and taking the rest of the wife school courses. thanks Ro!

  12. Amazing


    The information presented resonates with my soul. I am so grateful to be here now. I now have hope for my marriage as I shift to feminine energy. I’m also doing this for my future daughter in laws and grandchildren. This information is priceless and has a ripple effect. Thank you!

  13. I needed this!


    Initially I thought “Gosh I wish I had known all of this sooner.” However, Ro explains why I should not focus on that. This course is a gem and I am so grateful for the work, research, compassion, and love that was poured into it. I can not wait to learn what the rest of the course has for us.

    Thank you so very much.

  14. Insightful and enthralling!


    I just finished Part 1 of the 1st module. It was fantastic. Ro’s presence, candor and experience is enthralling. There is so much good information here. I am happily married for nearly 15 years and to be honest i didn’t think I “needed” wife school. But because I am a supporter of the Roots of Royals and Black and Wealthy movements, I felt it necessary to familiarize myself with the foundational philosophies. Now after just 1 module I am kicking myself for waiting this long! Ro’s experience and research will save you years of hard learned lessons. This course offers insight into the status quo behaviors, dysfunction and dis-ease that plagues the Western family. It may be hard for some to imagine that the blurring of gender roles is actually a financial conspiracy to enslave and control the masses. But… this course makes that fact glaringly obvious. The loss of masculinity and feminine grace in our families are not symptoms of our problems but the cause! I could go on and on, but you will be better served by taking this course for yourself. Bravo Ro! This is good work!

  15. Grateful


    I’ve invested in a few courses in the arena of understanding men and preparing for marriage the last couple of years and was open to learn more when I signed up for this course.

    Although I’m so grateful to have acquired this profound info on adjustments I can make immediately, I can’t help but think how different my life, my younger sister, my daughters and their one day children would be had I had this information as a teen girl. Life will never be the same.

    Thank you Ro & Laurent for healing women, men, families, “hue”manity.

  16. Transformational Information


    As a firm believer of ‘getting your mind right’, Part 1 of the course assured me that I was getting the bargain of a lifetime. The information is given in a loving, caring manner that most people should be receptive to. All of the knowledge, wisdom, and skills given are readily transferable, if you are willing to look within, look in the mirror, and be honest with yourself. I suggest taking time to make notes, review, reflect, and meditate on all that’s being poured into you through these videos. Listen carefully, receive it gracefully. Can’t wait to see the next Part!

  17. Wow, an eye-opening experience.


    I have so much work to do and this was a tremendous help! Wow! Wow…thank you Mrs. Êlori Cutno! You are changing my life for the better!

  18. Informative


    A lot of information to absorb. I am looking forward to starting Part 2.

  19. Wife School Part 1


    Every woman married or not should take these courses. There is no room for pride in a marriage or family and this wisdom will only make what you have better. Educated or not, married or not, rich or poor, every woman of African descent will benefit. Don’t let pride or speculation keep you from personal development. Pride comes before the fall, and things will fall apart in your marriage and relationships and even with your children if you don’t humble yourself and receive knowledge.
    I can’t wait to finish all parts!

  20. Incredible


    I enrolled in Wife School tonight and was instantly glued to completing the first class!! I am completely moved and humbled. My immense gratitude for this answered prayer is earth shattering. Continued upwards for this movement and families globally. XoXo Thank you ROR Family for your work.

  21. The best ever


    The wife school part c is a Bomb and life changing moment for me in some personal areas

  22. The Improved "Mrs. Redd"


    Within taking and completing this unit, I’ve found that there is a plethora of information that is beneficial in recharging myself as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter and just an overall successful individual. “Walking my walk and talking my talk.” Truly and eye opening experience just in Part 1! I am totally looking forward to revealing more of my true self as I complete the entire course! Here’s to wealthy and healthy generations lovely ladies!

  23. This course is life changing!!!!!!


    Thank you for loving us so much Ro, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. The information in Wife school part 1 is enough to completely change your family for generations to come so I can only imagine what this movement has in store for us!

  24. Breathtaking


    I just completed Wife School Part1 and it was an amazing introduction. There was so much love and compassionate through the teaching that I could feel it. The information is definitely life changing however the part that got me thinking deeper was the section on higher consciousness. I am really looking forward to completing the other parts.

  25. So grateful!


    Thank you for this class. I am in tears after listening to the course. (Of course I will go back and listen a few times before continuing.) I left an unhealthy relationship and it has been a struggle healing after such an experience, but I am doing it. I have suffered through bouts of depression, a miscarriage, and mental confusion about my self worth during the last year of that relationship. As most women who can’t break out of that familiar cycle, I bounced back and forth trying to muster up the courage, self love and respect to leave. After listening to this course I can clearly see what mistakes I made and how I attracted that kind of treatment. Being expected to oscillate between being feminine and masculine was not healthy. I paid dearly for that. Thank you for explaining that I can respect my femininity and give and be loved at all times.

  26. Higher thinking Higher living


    This course so far has given me another level of thinking. I am just finishing the first part of wife school and I am looking forward to the next part. I have not stop thinking about my consciousness yet where am I?

  27. Astonished


    I’m at a lost for words… this course should be taught I high schools! I learned so much and I’m
    Ready for the next class! I now realize that what I thought I knew about being wife is now compared to what I know now!
    You’re saving lives!!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

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