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Why are girlfriends treated differently than wives ? 00:30:00

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  1. 5

    Excellent teaching segment. Thank you. Yes, I was a girlfriend was wifed but yet was still put in the girlfriend category for which I tolerated for seven long, miserable, chaotic years. He married me out of convenience which was very hurtful but I’m grateful that I didn’t stay for a lifetime. I know that a healthy masculine man is out there who is suited for me. The information given and received is invaluable. My takeaway is that I dont ever have to be a girlfriend in order to be a wife.

  2. Why girlfriends are treated differently?


    An excellent video. I am learning so much. I am listening and staying so humble. It seems like Rai and I had similar back story (with relationships). I feel motivated by her story of a successful marriage. Thanks Ro and Rai for sharing this vital knowledge with us.

  3. Really Good


    Thanks for the insight!

  4. I have a greater understanding


    I always knew that men treat wives differently than girlfriends; this course explains why and what women should do to avoid being placed in the girlfriend category and only be considered for the highest category of wife. I highly recommend this course.