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Trauma Of Growing Up With A Single Parent

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  1. Creating a New Normal


    This course resonated with me entirely. While growing up, I believed “this is just the way things are”. I’m 21 and I’m so glad to be learning these gems now. This put so much perspective on my past and what’s possible moving forward. Now, I’m patiently determined to create a new mindset and new normal for myself and future family. Thank you Ro!

  2. 5

    Marriage is an interdependent relationship. I love this concept. It’s so easy to forget when you have been operating in such dysfunctional for so long. We should never have to do it alone.

  3. Very helpful


    This video was very helpful and addressed the dysfunctional norms that have plagued our people for far too long. T feel so blessed to have watched this video, I attained so much wisdom. I just told my husband that I wish Roots of Royals was around when I was in high school but I am grateful to get this info now rather than never. Thank you, thank you.

  4. 5

    Engaging……. Opens your eyes, to the importance of things missed, while growing up in a single parent home.

  5. 5

    Excellent course. I personally could relate to a lot of the content. Thank you all for your insight



    This resonated so deeply with me. As the daughter of a single mother, I was aware of how it impacted me and my ability to be in a healthy and successful relationship. What I hadn’t considered is how it sets up the wrong expectations of what a woman is to the sons of single mothers. This one will take a few reviews, but thank you!

  7. It all makes sense now


    I always knew something wasn’t right and that something was missing in my upbringing, but to admit that early on would also admit the failures of my single mother, which I never wanted to do. This course resonated with me and touched my soul. I now understand some of the issues I have had in relationships and my marriage. Now that I am woke, I now have the power to seek more knowledge on the subject through the movement. Thank you RoR!