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LRS – The Compassion Challenge 00:05:00

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  1. LIttle Rose Compassion Challenge is helping my Little Rose Blossom!


    The young girls unrehearsed explanation and examples of compassion where just what my daughter needed. My daughter was able to instantly comphrehend the energy and charming youthful expressions of the Grangenois children. We watched the piece at least 10 times with her younger brother who enjoyed the commentary as well!

  2. 5

    Excellent teaching session. I did not realize how important the power of compassion especially towards our mothers was. Thank you to those lovely young ladies for imparting their knowledge to us.

  3. Little Rose Society


    Omg…your daughters are just adorable. I would love to get my 11 yo involved with the little rose society.

  4. The little Roses are adorable


    I love the little Roses and their teachings. I look forward to more videos from the girls. For part one, they provided an overview of compassion and a also offered a compassion challenge. I was impressed by their ability to articulate the definition of compassion and why it is important for a wife and mother to be compassionate. Too cute!