Knowing How We got like this, is the key to unlearning unhealthy behaviors

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Knowing How We got like this … 00:15:00
Knowing How We got like this, is the keyto unlearning unhealthy behaviors

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  1. Spot on!


    I loved this course, very informative and great how all the dots were connected. Sometimes it is difficult for our people to see the big picture because it has been purposely hidden from us or better yet scattered in pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. It is up to us to understand the strategy and put in the work to pull these pieces together! Thank you for this course.

  2. 5

    Radical and revolutionary…. video gets a bit choppy but the message is loud and clear!

    Thank you Roots of Royals!

  3. Enlightening


    “You don’t have to ask your husband…because he wants you to be happy.”

    Thank you for sharing this. More people to know this. More WOMEN need to know this.

  4. Now I understand


    The dysfunction that has permeated Black America started with slavery, no doubt ; but this course also teaches how feminism has a lot to do with our current state of dysfunction as well as the laws that are in place that continues to keep us in perpetual bondage. I am intrigued and eager to learn more.