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How Men Want To Pay For You. Part.1 01:03:00

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  1. 5

    This course was so self reflective for me. It showed me that as a wife I am growing and applying what I need to properly. It also gave me pause to evaluate how I was raised and what side effects I need to iron out and what needs to be polished. Immediately going to pt 2!

  2. Great insights


    Well laid foundation for the course.
    Asante sana!

  3. Wonderful Information


    This information should change your viewpoint and your intentions. Thank you.
    Great practical and needed information…especially for the African American mindset. Thank you!

  4. 5

    Love it some really valuable information

  5. Information Backed By Science & Research


    i highly valued pt.1 of this course! my parents are happily married for several decades and they follow the order that roe is teaching us. however, it is interesting bcuz even tho they live by these values it is not supported by their philosophy. although my father is the one who i can turn to if i need financial assistance i feel like he, along with most other black american fathers i have met, may intuitively know their roles as men or may have gotten some good training from their fathers or grandfathers, but have encouraged their daughters to put their career first and think about marriage second. maybe instinctively, that is the best option of protection that they see — to protect yourself. anyway, i like knowing that the way i am being is in complete alignment with the rest of the world even if it is not the norm in black american culture

  6. Insightful


    Thank you for this class. It was very insightful. So, much to learn. Took lots of notes. Thank you again.

  7. 5

    Very eye opening! I have a lot to unlearn and relearn.

  8. Awesome Course


    It’s amazing how simple things not taught as a younger person has such an impact later in life. I highly recommend this course to every woman. I wish I had this when I was younger.

  9. 5

    Thank you for your service to the African family.

  10. The secrets


    An introduction to the nuances in the science of mating, that unveils the secrets to restore Black men & women relationships.

    Cami M.

  11. 5

    I am grateful for the information shared in this course. I was raised in a single mother home, so I can relate to some of the scenarios presented in the course. I will work to consciously operate more in feminity.

  12. Very Rewarding!


    I’m excited to digest the informative content in the 2nd course. What a delightful experience. I suggest you get your pen and paper out to take plenty notes. You do not want to miss a thing! My favorite part about this course thus far was the concept of being able to “re-write” my damaged childhood including the new narrative of a doting, nurturing and protective father. Priceless

  13. Refreshing


    This message was the highlight of my day. I am always motivated to action and to stay on task with these words of knowledge spoken in kindness.

    Thank you for this gift!

  14. Knowledge is Power!!


    Valuable information!! This should be taught to all young females!!

  15. So interesting


    I find it amazing how many “wow!” moments I had throughout this course. “My Daddy said…” I’ve never thought of that, never would have. Thank you!

  16. Phenomenal


    Learned so much in 1 hour than in my entire life!