Dating for marriage is a highly enlightening course on how exactly to date for a quick & successful marriage; while weeding out all of the usual issues, and heartbreaking pitfalls. All is taught with a strong emphasis on feminine grace, and a family focus. The wisdom of this course, was collected over a 2 year span, internationally. We’ve beautifully gathered this collection of the best practices, teaching you how to date for marriage. Now this wisdom is yours, forever to have and to hold! Enjoy!

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  1. Dating for Marriage


    This was absolutely an eye opening and heart opening experience. If you decide to take this course and listen to it as often as you can and try your best to put it all into practice. Ro has packed so much knowledge in a small amount of time. This was an incredible two hours packed full of jewels.Not only does Ro give you reason why, but offers tools and how to apply them.
    You are truly sitting at the feet of a MASTER TEACHER.

  2. Awesome course! Thank you, Ro! <3



    I decided to take this course to learn more about dating. I am currently taking wife school also. There is so much in this course about how to align myself with what I want as an outcome. I, like many black women come from a household where dating, men, and marriage is not explicitly discussed if at all — it’s do your best, sink or swim, which end ups in a lot of time wasted on trial, error, and mistakes. I admit, this is a lot of information to put into practice. But just like we are taught to stay in school and study, study, study for subject tests, ensuring I find the right mate requires the same amount of focus. Thanks so much, Ro! I can’t express how much I think we all NEED this kind of information. There is a plethora of information on the challenges of the black woman, but not so much on solutions. THANK YOU FOR SOLUTIONS! Warm regards to you and your family.


  3. Best dating advice I've come across in a lifetime


    Thank you Roots of Royals for the Dating For Marriage course. Before this course I wandered around dating men and changing my standards based on bad experiences. DFM has taught me how to be more focused with regards to how I date and who I date, ensuring that no time is wasted while preparing myself for my future husband. This course taught me how to refine not only my approach to dating but everything I needed to know to go from dating to engagement to marriage while attracting only healthy men who are ready to build for future of greatness. I’m excited about what’s to come now that I know the steps to get there.

  4. Womanly Wisdom


    This is the talks I wish I had with my mother coming up. I learned about male vouchers, dating etiquette and how to remain highly attractive to be treated with the highest quality available. This information has improved my interactions with all men for the remainder of my life time!! Thank you Ro!

  5. You’re probably doing it wrong


    If you haven’t taken this course (especially if you’re American), i gaurantee you’re doinf “dating” all wrong. After learning these principles, dating has become so enjoyable and stress-free! The better you conduct yourself, the more you will see, and be found by, wonderful men!

  6. A Must For Future Wives


    Every woman who wants to be married needs to take Dating For Marriage. When I took this course I was in awe at the wealth of information being provided. The detailed steps on how we should present ourselves, prepare for dates, male vouchers, circle dating, etc were all eye opening for me. Also, how to attract a healthy man, the qualities of one, his intentions, etc. I’m thankful that this information is available because it serves as a protection and prevention against the all too common setbacks one has with dating. No more heartbreaks, emotions drained, and time wasted.