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  1. Feminine Makeup ❤


    This was a great class for women to learn why specific things are done with makeup. This is where science and art meet for beauty. Loved the class.

  2. 5

    I really enjoyed this. My takeaway: Gloss preferred over lipstick *less is more *

  3. Simple and sweet!


    This is exactly the type of course I needed! I’ve always been intimidated by makeup, thinking there was some 12 step process. Ro has offered a simple yet elegant way to wear makeup without trying to look “made up”, reassuring us that it is ok to look natural! I will start wearing it more now, thanks to this. Thank you so much for your instruction!

  4. 5

    A simple refreshing makeup routine all ladies can do in 20 minutes or less. Loved it. Who doesn’t like to look dewy and fresh all day? It’s very beautiful.

  5. Another Tool in My Toolbox


    As someone who enjoys a beat (made up) face, this was a refreshing primer on how to wear makeup without looking like you’re wearing makeup. My routine has made me late for work and dates more than once (lol!) so this simple routine of 4 to 5 steps was definitely needed. This routine also gives you that fresh, youthful look that men tend to like. It’s very nice to look polished without having to use a ton of products and if you are one of the lucky women who do have beautiful, full eyelashes like I do, it’s even better. Thoroughly enjoyed!

  6. Very informative!


    I now know that less is more and that you don’t need a full makeover to enhance your beauty!

  7. Simple and elegant make-up routine


    Very good video. The routine is very similar to what I was already doing with the exception of the liquid eyeliner and blush. I will try those in my routine as well. I also love how Ro explains why each make-up item is used and the purpose it serves.