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Can you work and Stay Feminine ?

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  1. 5

    Very eye opening. Thank you for explaining how important feminine nurturing is to the family unit. I had no idea what detriment working outside of the home in excess causes to the family. We work so that the employer’s spouse doesn’t have to. So insidious yet quite calculated. My takeaway: “when you nurture, you ensure that everyone in your family has good self esteem”…and you cannot be nurturing when you are a “masculine mess”.

  2. Clarity


    This video has brought clarity to how I’ve been feeling for years but have been unable to successfully express. Thank you so much for the validation. There’s a feminine woman inside this female body that needs to be freed!

  3. I quit!


    I asked my daughter if she liked when I was a stay at home mom and she gave me a list of good things that happened when I was home versus issues that arrived when I went back to work. Made me even more determined to get a husband!

  4. Great Points


    I agree with the stress of work causing my energy and patience to be thin. I am curious to hear from more couples who have made the situation work when both are working outside the home.
    Currently my husband and I are building a company and we both are working outside of the home. We hope that eventually I will no longer need to maintain my career. Though I have a lucrative career I truly would leave it all for more balance in my life. Though I do worry about not having the job skills necessary to provide for my family if my husband were to die, or become unable physically to provide, or any circumstance happens that throws off the balance of the home due to financial strain.

  5. An eye opener


    I am a married mother who also works outside of the home and don’t really want to. This course explained why it is not a good idea for wives and mothers to work outside of the home. Now, I have to get my priorities in order so that I can quit my job without anxiety.

  6. Now I know why I quit my job after we were married for 18 months


    Ro is right. I was working and my husband kept wanting to hang out in the morning, making me late or almost late for work. He needed so much attention!!! At the time I didn’t understand so I was annoyed but I thought to myself that my boss was annoying and between the two of them I had no peace. This was my second marriage and I wanted my marriage to work. I thought to myself “One of them has to go”… so I quit my job. It was actually possible to give him better quality attention not working.

    MH and I are both from broken families and we had no idea what we were doing. I’ve gone through pretty much all the stuff Ro said that you can avoid by 1. Only having one of you be from a broken family, 2. Marrying a man who was 30 when I was 32 instead of marrying a man who was 40. Affair anyone? So many black people (women and men) balk when I say I’m a SAH homeschooling wife. When things have gone wrong and my marriage has been hard what keeps me is married is that I don’t work. IF I worked we would have been divorced YEARS ago at least 10 times already.

    He’s not perfect but with Wife School (and other books I have time to read about marriage, homeschooling etc) I got to see how much more I could improve. That and God has helped us.

    With homeschooling our rambunctious son and bringing him to Piano, Mandarin class, Kung Fu and hiking I have a lot going on. I was always an excellent cook, but as a SAH wife I learned to bake. At first I was terrible now I’m pretty great at that too. My family eats the freshest organic foods. I even make fresh peanut butter (my son & husband’s favorite food) and I even make Ketchup. I grind fresh wheat to make bread ( We have fresh bread that I make at least every 3 days) pancakes, etc, I let some of what she says about cleaning duties go. Sometimes I think I may have to scale back on some of his activities because my son needs us to figure out how to stay a family and be happy more than he needs all of that, all the time, but when I ask to drop an activity mh would rather the house be messy than for our son to skip a lesson…

    One day my husband said to me when I was too tired (and honestly annoyed with him about something) to make fresh bread. He was cranky and threatened to divorce me for being late with the bread. I told him (in a kind voice) he could divorce me but then he’d be eating store bread for the rest of his life, because I don’t give or even sell bread to “ex’s”, and what is he going to say to the judge? My wife made me eat store bread? He actually went to wash the dishes. I set up the wheat grinder…Sometimes he asks me for the recipe. Not gonna happen.

    Now that he’s 41, and honestly much more of a husband than he’s been the first 10 years, I’m stepping up my game. Never too late! I see room for a LOT of improvement in myself. I did take naps sometimes, but I felt guilty about it. Now I see that they are a tool, and help me to be in a better mood for everyone. Worth it!

    Thank you for affirming much of what I’ve learned the hard way, and adding to my toolchest of building a strong family and building generational wealth!

  7. 5

    Everything you speak I am living… Thank you for taking the time, energy, and effort to help us women / mothers / wives to get back on track!

    ~Pepsi P.

  8. Very Interesting Viewpoint


    I must say I’ve always had my reservations about Ro. I viewed her as being too extreme and rigid. But I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. It has motivated me to work even harder to get my online business going so I can spend more time focused on being a nurturing wife and hopefully soon to be mom. I hate the idea of putting my baby in a daycare with somebody who could never love and nurture my child the way I would and possibly abuse my baby. I planned to move my mother in to care for my baby while I worked but even that saddens me to miss out on so much bonding time with my baby. Even still I’d be coming home exhausted from work and trying to cook and clean which leaves little family time. My husband and I live in VERY EXPENSIVE DC. We can’t survive without two incomes. We’re hoping our online business take off so I can spend time focused on our home and other hobbies. FEMINISM though it may have had some positive benefits it also gave women a RAW DEAL 🙁 ( No wonder there is so much mental illness and suicide in the US.