Blending a peaceful family – The child’s biological mother

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Blending a peaceful family - The child's biological mother

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  1. 5

    Excellent teaching segment. My takeaway: “being a good woman and having good morals and being conservative sexually is beneficial to the woman and her generational success…the woman who makes the good choices, gets the good life”… Just so much power in these words. Thank you for speaking them and bringing awareness to me (us) Madame Ro.

  2. Blending a Peaceful Family


    This course was AMAZING!!! Ro is truly a master teacher of functional family standards. The 21 points offered a great foundation on the topic. However, I do hope that Ro will be able to create a series on this subject. As a Mentee, I would love to receive more insight on how to establish ground rules, negotiations, and learn how to sustain a health family that is functional. These course videos are definitely life changing.

  3. Blending a peaceful family


    This one really hit home. I can see how my younger brothers marriage to an incredible woman he know from childhood fall completely a part after she fought for his life and advocated for him to receive a kidney and liver transplant. He did everyone opposite of what Ro describes here… It is truly heartbreaking…. This is very serious stuff.
    Thanks Roots of Royals

  4. Very good material


    I am a married mother and have a blended family. The teachings in this course were very valuable. I highly recommend this video to all married women and women seeking marriage.