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Almost all men are good – Why ? 00:32:00
Almost all men are good - Why ?

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  1. 5

    Thanks for making and sharing this video Ro and Dominique! It made me realize the many ways in which I find it difficult to be vulnerable. I used to hate hearing people using a sing-song voice and I still have a very hard time using one myself. However this is something I intend to practice practice practice! That
    The example of Morris Chestnut not using a feminine voice and acting effeminate was so effective in demonstrating how men feel when he acts aggressively. There were so many other gems in this deal that I wish I had time to recount. All in all, this is a must-watch video!

  2. 5

    I must say, before listening to this, I had such disdain for men. I had allowed myself to sustain so much abuse for so long that I was hardened on the inside. I now realize my disdain was for those “creeps” and not real men. Having a son, I have said damaging things to him that he remembers today; my saying to him that “men don’t have feelings”. I felt that way because of those males who hurt me and showed no compassion or remorse toward me. I have asked him for his forgiveness for i didn’t know the power of my words. I am glad to finally understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy male behavior. Thank you.

  3. I Love Ro and all her wisdom


    I was from the school of thought that there are only a few good men. I am one of those women who have experienced sexual trauma as a child and teenager . When Ro said girls who have that masculine protection and whose mother’s were stay at home wive don’t experience that, it really resonated with me because I always wondered if my dad were living with us if that would have happened and I always believed it wouldn’t have. Listening to this video made me realize that I have internally let go of that idea the most men are bad a long time ago (probably when I met my husband). Somehow I was able to recognize a good man when I saw one and now I am forever protected. Thank you Ro !

  4. Almost all men are good


    The content of this video was deep and profound. I feel vulnerable saying this…but when Ro Elori discussed the comparison between a masculine man and the “other” men and identifying the type of woman each is attracted too (was an A-ha!! Moment)…I felt convicted and comforted all at the same time. I see I have a lot of work to do. I have focused so much on being the independent woman (who works hard, plays hard, and can contribute). But I was unconsciously developing a masculine persona. With the help of my mentor, discipline, and practice I know my mindset and attractiveness will enhance my natural feminine nature. It’s there…hahaha!

  5. Helpful Information


    This video was helpful. It has me thinking of certain situations in my upbringing in which some family members or friends of family looked for an open door to become abusive and “creepy”.

  6. Informative


    Ro doesn’t disappoint and gives eye-opening information that clarifies and changes perspectives.

  7. 5

    This video just proves that I’m headed in the right direction…of femininity!

  8. Almost all men are good-Why?


    Men will be so much more receptive to feminine women, if they would only remove “the mask of masculinity”.

    Awesome vid.

  9. Eye opener!


    Thanks for this course. I was raised by a single mother who had suffered abuse by men in the family and never found a good and healthy man to stay married to so she taught me that all men were bad. Glad to know that most men are in fact good and want to love and protect women but only if they are feminine–which is the key.