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Course Curriculum

WS1.a – Introduction Details 01:24:00
WIFE SCHOOL Part 1_A : introduction
WS1.b – Wife School’s foundation Details 00:52:00
WIFE SCHOOL 1.b : Wife school's Foundation
WS1.c – Higher Thinking for Higher living Details 00:55:00
WIFE SCHOOL 1.c : Higher Thinking for Higher living
Term and Conditions
Business Incentive Program – Term and Conditions Details 00:00:00
Business Incentive Program - Term and Conditions

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    1. Much needed awareness.

      Wife School pt 1 is so encouraging and grounding. This first part when finished can free so many fears that has blocked our success. This is way to valueable and consistent review is advised.

    2. Wife School Part 1 (BIP)

      A very Powerful course, An Eye Opener for BLACK AMERICA TO WAKE UP and to TRANSFORM our minds to accept this wisdom and apply it to our lives one step at a time and STOP TEARING EACH OTHER DOWN. Unity brings power and wealth. I always wondered why I attracted certain men and the answer was in this course.

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