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ROR black housewife apron

Our first black housewife apron prototype! A full, all white underlay apron, overlaid by a west African print half apron, …Read More

Profile Photolaurent GRANGENOISMay 9, 2017

Atlanta 2016 – Family meeting

  Here was the program : Thursday July 7th Eat & Meet (6:30pm – 11pm) 6:30 PM Meet and Greet …Read More

Profile Photolaurent GRANGENOISJuly 30, 2016

Dating for Marriage Program

Dating For Marriage Program Learn how to strategically date for marriage in this dynamic webinar recording taught by Mrs. Ro Elori …Read More

Profile Photolaurent GRANGENOISMarch 15, 2016

Who we are

Coming from 6 generations of strong marriages, she is passionate about building strong marriages and generationally great  families, she teaches Wife …Read More

Profile Photolaurent GRANGENOISMarch 15, 2016

Our mission

Our mission is to help women to tap into the power of their femininity and rediscover the joys of being …Read More

Profile PhotoRo Elori GrangenoisMarch 15, 2016


As an expert and professional consultant of culture and language, Ro Élori Cutno conducted a 2 year long global study …Read More

Profile Photolaurent GRANGENOISMarch 15, 2016